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Feature Article

Media coverage of the so called "peace process" between Israel and the Palestinian Arab leadership consistently depicts the situation in one of two ways:

1. Israel is primarily at fault for "lack of progress," not the Palestinian Arabs
2. Both sides are equally at fault

The following document is a summary of actions on the part of both parties over the past four years. The facts speak for themselves.


In honor of the fourth anniversary of the signing of the "Gaza-Jericho" agreement with the Palestinians, the Israel Government Press Office published an article entitled "Four Years of Israeli Concessions and Palestinian Violations." At a ceremony in Cairo on May 4, 1994, Israel and the Palestinians signed the Gaza-Jericho Agreement. The accord led to the establishment of the Palestinian Authority (PA) shortly thereafter. Each side undertook numerous obligations, chief among them Israel's commitment to turn territory over to the PA, and the Palestinian commitment to combat terror and prevent violence. Agreement have been marked by systematic Palestinian non-compliance with their main obligations under the accords. Various Palestinian commitments contained in the May 1994 Gaza-Jericho Agreement were recycled in the September 1995 Oslo II Accord and reaffirmed in the January 1997 Hebron Accord, yet they remain unfulfilled.

Over the past four years ...

From the Israeli side From the Palestinian side
1) Israeli forces withdrew from Jericho and most of the Gaza Strip (May 1994).

2) After the signing of the September 1995 Oslo 2 Accords, Israeli forces withdrew from six cities in the West Bank: Jenin, Tulkarem, Kalkilya, Nablus, Ramallah, Bethlehem.

3) After the signing of the January 1997 Hebron Accord, Israeli forces withdrew from 80% of Hebron, one of Judaism's holiest cities.

4) On March 6, 1997, the Israeli Cabinet approved the first phase of the further West Bank redeployments, consisting of 9.1% of the territory. This included 7% of territory that is currently Area B (Israeli security control, Palestinian civilian control) and 2.1% of Area C (exclusive Israeli control). The redeployment would have tripled the size of West Bank territory under exclusive Palestinian control. The PA rejected the Israeli
Cabinet decision.

5) On March 19, 1997, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that Israel is prepared to enter final status talks with the Palestinians immediately, offering an accelerated timetable under which the negotiations would be completed within six to nine months. The PA rejected the Israeli proposal.

6) On November 30, 1997, the Israeli Cabinet approved in principle the second stage of the further redeployments in the West Bank. Subsequent meetings have been held to work out the conditions and details of the move.

As a result of Israel's withdrawals, more than 95% of Palestinians in Judea, Samaria and Gaza now live under Palestinian administration.

A. The Commitment to Eliminate Articles in the PLO Covenant Calling for Israel's Destruction: First undertaken in the first Oslo agreement in Jan. 1993, reaffirmed in the Gaza-Jericho Accord of May 1994, the Oslo II Accord of Sept. 1995, and the Hebron Protocol of Jan. 1997. In April 1996, the Palestinian National Council empowered a legal committee to redraft the Covenant. No PNC action has been taken since to effectuate changes.

B. The Commitment to cease anti-Israel incitement: Undertaken and reaffirmed as above. PA officials and media regularly incite hatred and violence against Israel.

C. The Commitment to Uproot Terrorist Infrastructure: First Undertaken in the Gaza-Jericho Accord, and reaffirmed in the Oslo II Accord and in the Hebron Protocol. Some terrorists have been arrested but most have been freed. Some terror attacks have been prevented, but no action has been taken against the terrorists' military infrastructure.

D. The Commitment to Transfer of Terror Fugitives: Undertaken and reaffirmed as above. All of Israel's requests for 33 fugitives have been ignored.

E. The Commitment to Disarm/Disband Terror Groups: Undertaken and reaffirmed as above. The PA has disbanded none of the major terror groups.

F. The Commitment to Confiscate All Illegal Weapons: Undertaken and reaffirmed as above. Weapons caches have been uncovered with great fanfare, but tens of thousands of weapons are still in terrorists' hands.

G. The Commitment to cease PA Activity in Jerusalem: Undertaken and reaffirmed as above. Several PA offices continue to operate in Jerusalem.

Inasmuch as the above reveals somewhat how untruthful media coverage is of this situation, the deatils of the Palestinian violations go much further than these few paragraphs. For more detailed information of the numerous PA/PLO violations and atrocities, visit these web sites:

IRIS (Information Regarding Israel's Security)
ARUTZ-7 (Israeli National Radio)

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