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Suicide Terrorist Kills One In Gush Katif - Thirty-six Jewish School Children Miraculously Saved

Thursday, October 29, 1998

 Thirty-six Jewish school children were miraculously saved this morning, thanks to the courage and dedication displayed by IDF soldiers. A Palestinian Arab terrorist detonated tens of kilograms of explosives next to a school bus, killing one soldier - Alexei Naikov, 19, from Haifa - and injuring two others, in an attack at the Gush Katif junction in Gaza this morning.

At 7:30 AM, a Palestinian suicide bomber attempted to direct his explosives-laden car alongside an Egged bus full of schoolchildren on their way from Kfar Darom to Atzmona. The army jeep accompanying the school bus blocked his way; the car hit the jeep, which went up in flames, killing the soldier. A helicopter transported the wounded to Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon. The bus continued on to Atzmona, where teachers and psychologists counseled the children. One Palestinian was wounded when he ran away from the scene of the bombing, refusing to adhere to IDF soldiers' instructions to stop. PA police then shot at the soldiers.  The explosion shattered windows in the adjacent community of Kfar Darom. A mother in Kfar Darom told Arutz-7's Ron Meir today, "We heard the explosion, like we always do. But the army never lets us out of the community when there is an attack like this. Almost all the mothers here have children on the bus, which was carrying kids from first to eighth grades. All the women were beside themselves, crying and praying.

It was very sad..."  Chani Tzadok, staff psychologist in the Talmud Torah school of Atzmona, talked to Arutz-7 from the school bus on the way back from school to Kfar Darom. She said, "We didn't have regular studies in school today. The staff held many talks with the children about what happened today... We drove by the site of the attack, and we saw the charred bus, and they realized what a great miracle had happened to them. They recited the blessing, 'Blessed is He... Who performed a miracle for me in this place.' Many of the children also realize that a soldier died saving their lives, and they constantly ask how the other soldiers are..." 


Defense Minister Yitzchak Mordechai said that the attack would not delay the implementation of the Wye Agreement, and that the Palestinian Authority had already started working to find those responsible for today's attack. 

  • Moledet leader MK Rehavam (Gandi) Ze'evi: "Netanyahu transfers lands to the Palestinians, and they pay us with bombs.
  • MK Chanan Porat: "The Netanyahu government is conducting a security policy that leaves the lives of Jews abandoned. The government ministers should reach the appropriate conclusions and not approve the Wye Agreement that will endanger the lives of many Jews. Otherwise, they will be responsible for the coming attacks." Porat also called for the paving of separate lanes for Palestinians and Jews in Gush Katif. 
  • Labor MK Shimon Peres: "At this time, all of us, right and left, are united in our unyielding fight against terrorism." 
  • Minister Yehoshua Matza, whose vote in favor of the agreement is assured, said that the implementation of the agreement should be frozen for the meanwhile. 
  • The Yesha Council reminded that Muhammad Dahlan, PA Security Chief in Gaza, is the one who is to compose the security memorandum that is to be attached to the Wye Agreement.  

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