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"Derech Hashem on PalTalk" - Audio Downloads

The following files are in .ZIP format and include the audio and text sessions from our recent online discussions.  The audio files (once unzipped) are in .mp3 format and the text files are in .rtf format.  Once you have  unzipped them, you can listen to the session offline while viewing the text session with MS Word or Wordpad.  If you don't have the WinZip program, see below.

Recent Discussions

Lesson 1.5 - Part 1  (9.7 MB) - March 19, 2005
Lesson 1.5 - Part 2  (16.5 MB) - March 26, 2005

Lession 1.5 - Part 3 (12.2 MB) - April 2, 2005
       Toby's Tidbits from Part 3 (8 MB) - April 2, 2005

Lession 1.5 - Part 4 (8.8 MB) - April 9, 2005
       Toby's Tidbits from Part 4 (12 MB) - April 9, 2005

Lession 1.5 - Summary (7.4 MB) - April 30, 2005
       Toby's Tidbits from Summary (2.9 MB) - April 30, 2005

Lession 2.1 - Toby teaching lesson (10.4 MB) - May 7, 2005

Please e-mail us at: judaism101@yashanet.com if you have any questions about this.

Instructions for Installing WinZip and Unzipping Files


  1. If you don't have the WinZip program, click here to download it.
  2. Once downloaded, find the folder that you downloaded it to and double-click the file name to install the program.
  3. For experienced users: follow the prompts to install WinZip to your liking and then close the program.

  4. For the in-experienced users, print this page and follow these steps:
    • Click OK to begin setup process
    • When prompted, select the folder you want the program installed into, or just click Next
    • Click Yes to the Agreement
    • Click Next
    • Make sure WinZip Classic is selected and click Next.  Even though the WinZip Wizard is recommended for in-experienced users, using Classic may be less confusing for what we are doing here.
    • Select Express Setup and click Next
    • Click Next at the Associations dialog box
    • Click Next at the Icons dialog box
    • Click Finish and then close the WinZip program

  5. Using Windows Explorer, find the folder where you downloaded the .ZIP file(s) to.
  6. Right-click on the appropriate filename and select WinZip on the menu.
  7. On the submenu, select Extract to here (if this is where you want the files extracted to)
  8. When the WinZip dialog box opens, click Use Evaluation Version
  9. Files will be extracted automatically to that folder.  You can choose a different folder by selecting Extract to... in point 7 and selecting the appropriate folder.


For those of you overseas who are unable to listen to the live sessions, please feel free to send us questions you may have concerning what you have heard in the previous session(s) or read in the book 'Derech HaShem'.

Please feel free to e-mail us at: judaism101@yashanet.com if you have any questions.

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