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Part 1 - Chapter 1 - Note 3

The portions of the following texts that are the most relevant to the book appear in bold. These references are presented in context for clarity.

Tanach - Psalms (Tehillim) Chapter 50

1. A Psalm of Asaph. The mighty God, the Lord, speaks and summons the earth from the rising of the sun to its setting.
2. Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty, God shines forth.
3. Our God comes, and does not keep silence; a fire devours before him, and there is a mighty tempest around him.
4. He calls to the heavens from above, and to the earth, that he may judge his people.
5. Gather my pious ones together to me; those who have made a covenant with me by sacrifice.
6. And the heavens shall declare his righteousness; for God is judge himself. Selah.
7. Hear, O my people, and I will speak; O Israel, and I will testify against you; I am God, your God.
8. I will not reprove you for your sacrifices, and your burnt offerings are continually before me.
9. I will accept no bull from your house, nor male goats from your folds.
10. For every beast of the forest is mine, and the cattle upon a thousand mountains.
11. I know all the birds of the mountains; and the wild beasts of the field are mine.
12. If I were hungry, I would not tell you; for the world is mine, and all that fills it.
13. Do I eat the flesh of bulls, or drink the blood of goats?
14. Offer to God thanksgiving; and pay your vows to the most High;
15. And call upon me in the day of trouble; I will save you, and you shall glorify me.
16. But to the wicked man God says, What right have to you to declare my statutes, or to take my covenant in your mouth?
17. For you hate instruction, and cast my words behind you.
18. If you see a thief, you consort with him, and you keep company with adulterers.
19. You give your mouth free rein for evil, and your tongue frames deceit.
20. You sit and speak against your brother; you slander the son of your own mother.
21. You have done these things, and I have kept silence; you thought that I was one like yourself; but I will rebuke you and set the matter before your eyes.
22. Now consider this, you who forget God, lest I tear you in pieces, and there be none to save.
23. Whoever offers praise glorifies me; and to him who orders his way aright I will show the salvation of God.

Tanach - Psalms (Tehillim) Chapter 102

1. A Prayer of the afflicted, when he faints, and pours out his complaint before the Lord.
2. Hear my prayer, O Lord, and let my cry reach you.
3. Do not hide your face from me in the day when I am in trouble; incline your ear to me; answer me speedily in the day when I call.
4. For my days pass away like smoke, and my bones burn like a furnace.
5. My heart is struck and withered like grass; so that I forget to eat my bread.
6. Because of my loud groaning my bones cleave to my skin.
7. I am like an owl of the wilderness; I am like a night flier of the desert.
8. I watch; I am like a lonely bird on the roof top.
9. My enemies insult me all the day; and they who are mad against me are sworn against me.
10. For I have eaten ashes like bread, and mingled my drink with weeping,
11. Because of your indignation and your wrath; for you have lifted me up, and cast me down.
12. My days are like an evening shadow; and I am withered like grass.
13. But you, O Lord, are enthroned for ever; and your name endures to all generations.
14. You shall arise, and have mercy upon Zion; for it is time to favor her, the set time has come.
15. For your servants hold her stones dear, and have pity on her dust.
16. So the nations shall fear the name of the Lord, and all the kings of the earth your glory.
17. For the Lord shall build up Zion, he shall appear in his glory.
18. He will regard the prayer of the destitute, and not despise their prayer.
19. This shall be written for the generation to come, so that a people yet unborn may praise the Lord.
20. For he has looked down from the height of his sanctuary; from heaven the Lord looked at the earth,
21. To hear the groans of the prisoner; to set free those who are appointed to die;
22. That men may declare the name of the Lord in Zion, and his praise in Jerusalem,
23. When the people are gathered together, and the kingdoms, to serve the Lord.
24. (K) He weakened my strength in the way; he shortened my days.
25. I say, O my God, do not take me away in the midst of my days; you whose years endure throughout all generations.
26. Of old you laid the foundation of the earth; and the heavens are the work of your hands.
27. They shall perish, but you shall endure; all of them shall become old like a garment; like clothing you shall change them, and they will pass away;
28. But you are the same, and your years shall have no end.

29. The children of your servants shall continue, and their seed shall be established before you.

Tanach - Job (Iyov) Chapter 35

1. Then Elihu spoke, and said,
2. Do you think that it was just, when you said, My righteousness is more than God’s?
3. For you said, What advantage will it be to you? And, What profit shall I have, more than if I had sinned?
4. I will answer you, and your companions with you.
5. Look to the heavens, and see; and behold the clouds which are higher than you.
6. If you sin, what do you do against him? Or if your transgressions are multiplied, what do you do to him?
7. If you are righteous, what do you give to him? Or what does he receive from your hand?
8. Your wickedness may hurt a man as you are; and your righteousness may profit the son of man.

9. Because of their many oppressors, the oppressed cry; they cry because of the arm of the mighty.
10. But no one says, Where is God my maker, who gives songs in the night;
11. Who teaches us more than the beasts of the earth, and makes us wiser than the birds of the skies?
12. There they cry, but he does not answer, because of the pride of evil men.
13. Surely God will not hear an empty cry, nor will the Almighty regard it.
14. Although you say you will not regard him, yet judgment is before him; therefore trust in him.
15. But now, because his anger does not punish; and he does not heed the multitude of his words;
16. Therefore Job opens his mouth in empty talk; he multiplies words without knowledge.

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