Last updated: March 1, 2007

This portion of Yashanet is not active at the moment. However, we  invite you to examine the existing material on the links below. We also recommend you purchase the book, Derech Hashem ("The Way of God") by Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto. Written in the early 18th century, Derech Hashem is considered a "Torah classic" and is used in many Yeshivas (institutions of higher Torah learning). You can purchase your copy of Derech Hashem from

Join us on the PALTALK chat network. We usually open our room "A Kosher Torah Chat" or another room with "BEHANU" in the title on Friday and Saturday nights at 10:00 PM eastern time. You will find that room in the "Christian" section of PALTALK (per their rules, not our choice) in the "Religion and Theology" section.

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