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"Derech Hashem on PalTalk"

The Derech Hashem Discussion Board forum has been suspended.

YashaNet will be resuming its Derech Hashem Discussion Board forum on PalTalk every Saturday night at 10 PM EST starting on January 22, 2005.  For those who are not familiar with PalTalk, it is an online forum/instant messenger with many different discussion topics and "rooms" that you can go into and participate in the current discussion.

The information below was pasted from the PalTalk website and will help you in the process of registering and downloading PalTalk so you can join us in the discussion.  Once you have installed PalTalk and go online with it, click on the "Groups" icon.  In the "Groups" window, scroll down and click on "Christianity" and look for the "Derech Hashem" room and then double-click on that room to open it.  This will be a "locked" room for which we will provide you with a "Group Password" so you may enter.  Please e-mail us at: judaism101@yashanet.com to receive the password and/or if you have any questions about this.  Hope to see you there!

If you are unable to listen to these sessions live, we now have recordings of these lessons that you can download and listen to offline.  For more information click here.

PalTalk is the next generation instant messenger which allows you to talk with and see your friends, family and colleagues right from your PC from anywhere in the world. After a quick registration process where you choose your personal nickname & password, PalTalk's small footprint (file size) makes download and installation a snap. Add as many friends as you wish to your buddy list, their names illuminate when they log in, so you'll conveniently know when they come online.

Use your PC microphone and speakers to hold crystal-clear voice conversations on PalTalk (no phone calls necessary). Have a webcam? Great, because now you can view each other in full-color, real-time video. PalTalk is a great way to...

- stay close with friends and relatives living far away
- keep tabs on kids at college and sleep-away camp, or
- blow an "I love you" kiss to Grandma & Grandpa.
- see and discuss the new house, the new puppy or the new baby!

Registration, Download & Installation

When you register for PalTalk, you will be asked to fill out a short form including a nickname and password, your email address and some security information to be used in the event you forget your password. Please be sure to enter this information correctly and thoughtfully as it will enhance your PalTalk experience. When your registration is accepted, you will be lead through a quick download and installation sequence. PalTalk will be started up automatically on your desktop using the nickname and password you specified at registration. Now you are ready to experience PalTalk.

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