SIDEBAR - "Kabbalah"

"Kabbalah" is a very misunderstood term. Kabbalah means "to receive," and in its proper form has to do with "receiving" a deeper understanding of Torah through study, prayer and meditation, all of which are means of enlightenment via the Ruach haKodesh (Holy Spirit).

There are people through history and today that apply the term "kabbalah" (or "cabala," "qabala," etc.) to occult practices, as well as frivolous "pop culture" routines (i.e., "celebrities" such as the pop singer "Madonna" have said they are "into kabbalah.") Such practices range from foolish to condemned by God, and have nothing to do with Torah-based Kabbalah, which is taught by Ramchal, other God-fearing people, and in this course.

One should no more "turn and run" at the mention of kabbalah, than one should turn and run from the mention of "messiah," as the latter term has also been inappropriately used by false messiahs and cults through history.

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