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YashaNet is undergoing a major renovation. We're converting the site to a Torah Resource Center with introductory to intermediate material for people interested in kosher Torah learning. Most of these will be links to articles and videos from traditional Jewish sources, with some original material. The Torah Resource Center is designed by topics with information arranged in levels of progression.

This project is part of an interconnected group of resources, including www.13petals.org and several Torah groups on facebook. Questions may be sent to behanu137@gmail.com.

Updated September 26, 2022



The purpose of the Torah Resource Center is to provide links to quality information to those at a beginner to intermediate level of learning. These may be articles, blogs, lectures, podcasts or videos,  online discussion groups, as well as recommended books. All but the latter will be free resources. The approach we are taking is to take specific topics and find material on the subject that ranges from simple to more complex. This was the reader can begin at a level comfortable to them and either move to more advanced teachings on the subject or examine other subjects at the same level.

Click on any of the modules below. You will be able to navigate to other resources within the level, move to other levels, explore other topics at that level or return to this page. This list may be added to later. The topics themselves are presented in an order that may benefit those not knowing where to start.

1.) Shabbat (the Sabbath)
2.) Moedim (Biblical feast days) 
3.) Prayer and Meditation 
4.) Oral Torah & New Testament
5.) Mitzvoth (good actions) 
6.) Messiah & Messianic Ideas 
7.) The Temple & Worlds of Existence
8.) The Soul and Spiritual Growth 
9.) Names & Attributes of G-d
10.) Prophets & Prophecy

Another good source of topical studies for those starting out is the Ladder of Jacob web site.