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Section II - A Midrash on Torah Observance
Matthew 5:1-7:29

NOTE: The King James version will be the primary text used in this study for no other reason than it is popular and well recognized. If another version is used, it will be cited. The text of each chapter will be shown in full, followed by commentary on selected verses. In some cases there may be multiple verses that are not discussed. In others, a single verse (or even a single word) may merit a great deal of study.

Matthew 5:1-16 (last update: 3-22-00)
SUBJECTS: Sermon on the Mount, disciples, Kingdom of Heaven, "blessed are ...," peacemakers, Semitic poetry, salt, Yeshua's audience, good works.
Matthew 5:17-20 (last update: 3-22-00)
SUBJECTS: Defining "Law" and "Torah," "detroy" versus "fulfill," duality of the Torah, "positive" and "negative" commandments, "curse" of the Torah, role of Torah in the life of a follower of Yeshua, exceeding the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees.
Matthew 5:21-48 (last update: 3-22-00)
SUBJECTS: "You have heard it said ..." Messiah and the Torah, halachtic rulings, Yeshua and Pharasaic opinion, reconciliation.
Matthew 6:1-34 (last update: 3-24-00)
SUBJECTS: Yeshua upholding the Talmud: Alms before men, vain repetition in prayer, "The Lord's Prayer," forgiving others tresspasses, not laying up treasure on the earth, "the Evil Eye," taking no thought for your life or for tomorrow.
Matthew 7:1-29 (last update: 3-24-00)
SUBJECTS: Comparison to teachings of Pharisees and Essenes, judging, standards of measurement, the speck/beam in the eye, giving what is Holy to dogs, "ask and it shall be given," doing unto others, the Law and the Prophets, entering the straight gate, knowing teachers by their "fruits," those who say "Lord, Lord," hearing versus doing, Yeshua's "authority."