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The world of Yezirah (Formation) emerges from Beriah. Yezirah symbolizes the concept within creation of individual existence and space, as opposed to archetypes or ideas. (Recall the six dimensions of space mentioned in a previous study.) That which is "called forth" in Azilut, and "created" as Spirit in Beriah, is given specific qualities in Yezirah.

Yezirah is seen as the world described beginning in Genesis, chapter 2. The difference between this and the preceding chapter is the operative verb. Whereas Beriah was "created" (in chapter 1), Yezirah was "formed."

Looking at things from the earthly/human perspective ("bottom-up"), Yezirah is associated with the soul, which "connects" the physical man of Asiyyah, to the heavenly realm of Beriah. Due to this "dynamic" aspect, Yezirah is associated with the aspect of water. It is also associated with the color purple, a blend of the blue of Beriah and red of Asiyyah.

Yezirah is also the abode of the "lower angels" and is called Paradise. It is considered to be the location of the Garden of Eden.

The World of Yezirah - the Soul of Man

hebsef.gif (9700 bytes) Here we will take a "bottom-up" view. The world of Yezirah is the realm of the Soul.
  • Keter = Simultaneously the Tipheret of Beriah and the Malkut of Azilut. This is where the three upper worlds meet and thus contact with the Divine. As Adam and Eve existed in Yezirah, prior to the fall, they had access to the Malkut of the Divine world of Azilut from this point, which is also called the Sephirah of the Messiah (See the Tree of Life in Beriah)
  • Hochma = Revelation
  • Binah = Reason
  • The triad of Hochma, Binah and Tipheret = "The Triad of the Spirit" or "Triad of Faith."
  • Da'at = The place of the Ruach haKodesh in the center of the "Triad of Spirit." Simultaneously the Yesod (Foundation) of Beriah, the Spiritual World. Here, one is born of "water" (Yezirah) and "Spirit" (Beriah), giving access to the Kingdom of God as found in John, chapter 3.
  • Chesed - Love of God, Tolerance
  • Gevurah - Fear of God, Discrimination
  • The triad of Chesed, Gevurah and Tipheret = "The Triad of the soul." Through Tipheret, the Soul has access to the "Triad of the Spirit" (see above).
  • Tipheret =  The Sephirah of Truth, the "True Self" having the balance of Chesed (Tolerance) and Gevurah (Discrimination) resulting in "Compassion." The Sephirah giving access to the Da'at above "where Jacob became Israel," (where one is "Born Again"). Simultaneously the Malkut of Beriah and the Keter of Asiyyah, where the three lower worlds meet. Called the "Seat of Solomon," who was a man who "saw three worlds."
  • The path between Yesod and Tipheret in Yezirah is the "Path of the Tzaddik."
  • Netzah = Torah Practice
  • Hod = Torah Study
  • The three paths between Netzah and Hod, Hod and Malkut, Malkut and Netzah correspond to the allegorical, metaphysical and literal methods of Torah/Kabbalah study.
  • Yesod = The level of "seeking." Simultaneously the Da'at of Asiyyah - corresponding to the Ego and "knowledge" of the world below.
  • Malkhut = Contact with the level of natural man and the world, corresponding to the Tipheret of Asiyya.