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Asiyyah (Action) is the last of the four worlds and emerges out of Yezirah. Asiyyah is the world that Adam and Eve entered when they were expelled from Eden. The "coats of skin" that Scripture says they were given, were physical bodies (flesh) they needed to live in the world of Asiyyah. (Conversely, we will be given new bodies one day, such as Adam and Eve originally had, upon our return to Eden/Yezirah. i.e., 1 Corinthians, chapter 15).

With the emergence of Asiyyah, existence is complete. Everything was brought into being originally within World of Beriah/Creation, with the exception of Man who is "made in the Image of God." Man's origin is in accordance with the Divine Sephirot of Azilut, making him unique within all of Creation.

Man is also the only creature that can transcend his present level and connect to all four worlds. This is in fact "the meaning of life," as we are told that we are to be, "conformed to the image of God." (The image as seen in Azilut and reflected in Yeshua (i.e., Metatron) - i.e., Romans 8:29; 1 Corinthians 15:49; 2 Corinthians 4:4; Colossians 1:15; Colossians 3:10; Hebrews 1:3).

This image we are to be conformed to, began in the Divine Azilut, then descended to Beriah where it was given Spirit, then down toYezirah where it received a Soul, and finally to Asiyyah and given a physical body. Conversely, our journey to "reconnect," or be "re-conformed," begins by escaping the physical world, via the soul, into a spiritual connection with God, and one day to be "one with Him" again (i.e., John, chapter 17).

As Asiyyah is the material universe in which we live, it is associated with the aspect of earth (and of blood), and therefore the color red (i.e., "Adam," which means "red.").

The World of Asiyyah - The Makeup of Man

hebsef.gif (9700 bytes) Note: The upper face of Asiyyah (from Keter through Tipheret), is simutaneously the lower face of Yezirah (the world of the Soul). However, to the man not seeking spiritual things, the upper face of Assiyah is nothing more than the higher forms of worldly knowledge and Keter only a "corruptible crown." (i.e., as Paul wrote of in 1 Corinthians 9:25-27.) The lower face of Asiyya (from Tipheret through Malkut) is physical/biological man.
  • Keter = To those seeking spiritual matters, this is the "Seat of Solomon." For the non-spiritual person this is the "corruptible crown" of their life (1 Corinthians 9:25). This is a key Sephirah as it is also the Malkut of Beriah and the Tipheret of Azilut, and thus the place where the three lower worlds meet in man.
  • Hochma = Active/Inner Intellect
  • Binah = Passive/Outer Intellect
  • Chesed = Active/Inner Emotion
  • Gevura = Passive/Outer Emotion
  • Da'at = Knowledge.  The Ego. The place of choice and purity. To those seeking, this is also the foundation (Yesod) of the world of Yezirah. From here man can proceed up the path of the Tzaddik (from the Asiyyatic Yesod to Tipheret, the Sephirah of Truth), which is simultaneously the Malkut of Beriah - the Kingdom of Heaven.
  • Tipheret = The brain and advanced physical systems of man
  • Netzah = Desires
  • Hod = Respsonses
  • Yesod = Feelings, Instincts, Thoughts - forming the three triads shown below:
  • The triad of Yesod, Netzah and Hod is the Triad of Feeling
  • The triad of Yesod,  Hod and Malkut is the Triad of Thinking
  • The triad of Yesod, Malkut and Netzah is the Triad of Instinct
  • Malkhut = Base elements of the body